July 22nd - 23rd / New York CityJohn Jay College of Criminal Justice

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Moving to headless: The learnings of a transition

Alexander Varwijk

When: July 23 @9:30am
Where: Room 2

Open Social is a community building solution sold as SaaS product available as an Open Source Drupal distribution. In this session I want to cover our 2020 project of moving from a coupled Drupal + Twig set-up to a decoupled project. The session will cover why we chose the technologies we did (ReasonML, React and GraphQL); how to keep serving the Drupal community while transitioning from a Drupal theme and how to deal with Open Source with these different technologies and a new product architecture. The session will be revolve around technical decisions and the challenges we've faced and are facing. With this session I hope to contribute to the ongoing debate in Drupal about how to adopt decoupled paradigms and to shed a bit of light on ReasonML as a strong alternative to TypeScript/Flow. I don't expect much technical expertise from the audience but do hope to give the attendees insights that can help them make decisions.Our decision for using ReasonML for our front-end is also available in written form: https://www.alexandervarwijk.com/blog/2020-01-13-a-comparison-of-javascript-typesystems/

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Decoupled Days 2020

July 22nd - 23rd / New York City
John Jay College of Criminal Justice
524 W 59th St, New York, NY 10019